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Feel free to be yourself

Today’s society is filled with uncertainty. Uncertainty can apply to many aspects of life, but one of the most debilitating forms of this emotion is when pertaining to identity. 

October is the month on which the first day of autumn falls, and, is most importantly, the month known for Halloween. Halloween is a holiday connected to identity, when a person can become whatever they want to be, but Halloween is only one day out of 365 days in a year. What is the reason for the other 364 days a year when people still put on a costume to fit in?

“People should not change who they are in order to fit in” is a statement heard many times. People should be who they are, and when they do this they will naturally fit in where they belong. So much more happiness can be obtained when people are just simply being themselves. 

Even though people can be whoever they want, there is still some obligation to stay true to religion, reality, and morality. People do not have to fit in a mold to receive love or be accepted for their thoughts or beliefs. If people truly love someone, they will love that person for who they truly are, and that love will be unconditional. After conquering the fear of being judged, people can truly become who they are, and they will be given a knowledge of who their true friends are because those people will not stop loving them.

by Bryce Dupree

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