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Music column: Eilish’s Barbie song wins Grammy

Billie Eilish is now the youngest artist to achieve two Oscar wins.

Her song “What Was I Made For” won “Best Original Song” at the Oscars March 10, 2024.  This is her second Oscar in the category following her win of the James Bond film theme song “No Time to Die” in 2022. Eilish is no stranger to breaking records. In 2020 she was the only woman in history to win five major category awards at the Grammys.

 “What Was I Made For” was written for the “Barbie” movie in the summer of 2023. Eilish and her brother Finneas were asked by the director of “Barbie,” Greta Gerwig, to write Barbie’s “heart song.”

Eilish in her acceptance speech thanked Greta Gerwig and said, “I’m so thankful for this song and for this movie, and the way that it made me feel. And this goes to everyone who was affected by the movie and how incredible it is.”

 The song ended up being widely popular, earning a spot on Billboard Hot 100 and winning “Song of the Year” at the Grammys. Women started using the song on TikTok with childhood and present-day photos portraying how adult life has changed them. 

Eilish, while writing the song, was solely writing from a perspective of how she thought the character would feel. After looking back on what was produced she realized that she unknowingly wrote about her own life.

“I’m writing for myself and I don’t even know it – This is exactly how I feel and I didn’t even mean to be saying it,” said Eilish during an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music.

The song has more than 30 million streams on Spotify, and the music video has over 100 million views. Eilish’s music video for the song portrays her as a Barbie look-alike. Eilish in the video is sitting at a desk organizing past outfits of hers that are doll-sized. While doing this a storm comes out of nowhere and messes up all her hard work.

Eilish said, “The world is falling apart as I’m trying to keep these old versions of myself safe.”

It is unclear when fans can expect a new album from Billie Eilish but she has mentioned on social media that her new album is “mastered.”

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