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Students should strive to finish the spring semester strong

The end of the semester is approaching at somewhat of a fast pace. 

For some students, this is their last semester at Jones. For others, this may be the end to their first year as part of the Jones Family. 

No matter what semester students are in, they should be sure to finish this semester strong. Finishing strong means that students should go ahead and complete any work they might have been putting off as well as studying for those dreadful finals.

If students see that they are not going to finish with the desired grade they wanted in a particular course, they have the option to drop the class by May 13, 2022 and receive a “W” in the class. Receiving a “W” for a course will not affect a student’s GPA. 

Even though a student can drop a class and receive a W for the class, the student must maintain at least 15 hours or be put on academic probation. While on academic probation, students will not lose their scholarships. However, if a student gets put on academic probation and then takes less than 15 hours the consecutive semester, they will lose their scholarships. 

The best option for students is to evaluate their grades, and if they have to drop a class, do so, but they should be sure to take at least 15 hours the next semester and be sure to pass them. 

With this being said, finals are in two weeks. Students should start studying as soon as possible. 

The last weeks of this semester shouldn’t solely be spent stressing over assignments and classes. Students should make sure they connect with the friends that may be moving away after this semester. There will be a couple of events in the next few weeks that can provide students an opportunity to celebrate with their classmates and more importantly, their Jones Family. Be sure to follow the Jones and Bobcat Press Instagram pages to keep up with campus events.

by Bryce Dupree

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