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Music majors perform their first recital at the Foote Chapel

Jones College’s music majors had their first recital on Tuesday, October 12 in the Foote Chapel at 10:10 a.m. Performers were Kaylea Yates, AnnaLeigh Ragsdale, Jessica Long, Hanna Grace Wood, Jasmine Decker, Darcy Beech and Lexi Millwood.

Musical selections included Sonata No. 2 Presto Caro mio ben Pan Pastorale for Flute and Piano Nymphs and Shepherds Flute Fantasie No. 5 in C Major Allegro I Attempt from Love’s Sickness and Five Bagatelles and Opus 23, 1 IV, Florlana.

“I was nervous because it was my first recital as a freshman, but I went first so it was nice to get it out of the way. I played Sonata No. 2, Presto by George Frideric Handel. I did pretty well because I didn’t really mess up, but the acoustics of the chapel kind of threw me off guard a little,” said Kaylea Yates, a music education major.

 “I enjoyed performing for my peers because they were all very encouraging, and many of them told me a great job when class was over. Maybe next time my performance anxiety will fade some,” she said.

Music majors who have taken private lessons will perform their next recital during Spring 2022.

by Mikayla Rainey

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