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Society suffers from an era of procrastination

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines procrastination as “putting off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.”    

People may choose to put things off for many reasons. According to the International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research, the three main causes of procrastination are dysfunctional beliefs, poor time management and lack of sincerity.

An example of a dysfunctional belief is believing people under immense stress can work more efficiently. Dysfunctional beliefs can become a chronic problem in people’s lives because it becomes a core belief when pertaining to accomplishing tasks. Dysfunctional beliefs make procrastination intentional and therefore chronic. 

Poor time management also plays a significant part in procrastination. Inaccurate time management may mean people do not realize what they need to accomplish in a given time frame. This type of procrastination can lead to people having an unachievable amount of work to accomplish  in a short amount of time.

The last reason the International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research lists is a basic lack of sincerity when pertaining to an assignment or task. A lack of sincerity may lead people to be indifferent toward a task. This indifference can cause people to fail at whatever they aim to accomplish.

Whatever the reason, procrastination has become a prevalent problem in the world, but how is this procrastination overcome? In the article, “Tips for Overcoming Procrastination,” author Kendra Cherry said that there are six easy steps people can take to break the procrastination habit, including dealing with fear, making a list, breaking things down into simple tasks, recognizing the onset of procrastination, eliminating distractions and people rewarding themselves.

Procrastination can become a debilitating problem if, and only if, people allow it to be.

by Bryce Dupree

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