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Work-Based Learning provides students unique class to earn college credit

Work-Based Learning is a program that offers students the opportunity to receive college credit for working while enrolled at Jones College, and last summer it was restructured to further benefit students.

The college credit offered through Work-Based Learning is a major benefit, but the program offers other advantages to students because the class is now free and completely online.

“Work-Based Learning has helped me as a student because it’s something I can do online while I’m working and while I’m doing my other classes,” said Vivian Russell, freshman and Work-Based Learning student. “You just have the class online, and it’s very convenient for that reason.”

According to Jennifer Griffith, vice president of Jones Workforce College, the program was implemented because Jones College recognizes that employed students are able to learn valuable skills through their jobs as well as the classroom.

“We did some research and found that 60% of our students work at least 20 hours a week,” Griffith said. “We wanted to work with our students through this campaign that we call ‘Let’s Work Together’ to help capture that work and what they’re learning on the job through the form of college credit.”

Julianna Dominguez, a freshman and Work-Based Learning student said, “Work-based Learning has helped me become more successful at interacting with people, and I am learning skills that I can use in my profession.”

To give students the time to develop skills through employment, the Work-Based Learning curriculum primarily consists of the work that students are already doing outside of their normal course load.

“The curriculum is pretty simple,” said Griffith. “The majority of the credit given is for the work that the student does outside of the classroom, but there are just a few assignments. We have students build resumes. We actually get feedback from our working college students so we understand how to better serve them.”

Students enrolled in this program receive one credit hour for every 45 hours they work at their jobs. Each student enrolled can earn up to 12 hours towards their degree plan. This system gives an incentive for students who are wanting to work while getting an education.

 Russell said, “If you have a job that you are currently working at or you want to start working, you don’t have to give that up. That job can go towards your college credit, and you can make money while getting that credit.”

Students who are interested in the Work-Based Learning Program can get information from the Jones website or by contacting  Jennifer Griffith at or Holly Robertson, career service coordinator, at

by Jaylynn Conner

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